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Islam, Animal Morality, and Personhood

This may perhaps not be the best place to ask such a question but I’m having a lazy week.  I’m in the early stages of compiling information, a literature review of sorts, for a paper I’m working on with the theme of the title of this post.  I’m going through some notes that I took a while ago and I haven’t written down the source details for some of the quotes that I took (I know, I really am that thick).  Anyhow, I’ll list what I have and if anyone familiar with Islamic literature, supplementary texts and other writings can point out their source I’d appreciate it. Continue reading ‘Islam, Animal Morality, and Personhood’


Alvin Plantinga on the Ontological Argument

An interesting article appeared on SpringerLink’s page for the International Journal for Philosophy of Religion today, Alvin Plantinga on the Ontological ArgumentHere’s the link.

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Moral Relativism and the case of Sharia

This week the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, caused quite a stir when he publicly advocated for Sharia to be formally adopted within the U.K. legal system. Archbishop Williams defended his position arguing that the adoption of Sharia into the U.K. legal system is “an unavoidable accommodation necessary for social harmony”.

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God or Blind Nature?

As many of you well know one of my main philosophical interests is The Philosophy of Religion.  While crawling the net recently I stumbled across a fascinating ‘debate’ titled God or Blind Nature?  Philosophers Debate the Evidence (2007-2008).

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