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Scholarship a la Google?

TAs can be very busy people, most are currently working on their MA or PhD theses and don’t always have the time to answer all of their students’ questions, particularly questions that might call for the TA to do a bit of research. Recently I asked for some references, papers or books etc., that argue against a particular position and I haven’t heard back yet; this is where google may come in handy. (This is not, however, a criticism of any TAs that I have or know.) Continue reading ‘Scholarship a la Google?’


Some Pointers for Writing a Philosophy Essay

Writing an essay for your philosophy course can be very different to writing an essay for your other subjects. A philosophy essay will almost always be a defense of a particular claim using reason/rationality; it is not just an exposition of a particular topic. I’ve included some pointers here to help you prepare for, and write, a good philosophy essay. Continue reading ‘Some Pointers for Writing a Philosophy Essay’

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