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Grad Students and Publishing

There is an interesting post over at PEA Soup, discussing whether grad students should be encouraged not to publish. While the comments aren’t resembling any sort of agreement to the argument, the idea is that publishing while a grad student could hurt their job prospects. What do you all think?

Those Young Liberals Are At It Again

I got wind of this from an article published, surprisingly, in The Australian.  The Young Liberals have published a new website called Make Education Fair where, among other things, they have written a ‘black list’, which they call an ‘Academic Alert List‘, where they list academics by name, department etc. that they disagree with.  They have even compiled a list of academics that have organised conferences that they don’t like (the ‘Relaxed & Comfortable’ conference, for example). Continue reading ‘Those Young Liberals Are At It Again’

The 2008 Australasian Philosophy of Religion Conference

Just a quick posting for those few of you who haven’t received notification of the event listed in the title.

The 2008 Australasian Philosophy of Religion Conference will be held on the 27th and 28th of September, 2008 at St Mark’s National Theological Centre, 15 Blackall St, Barton, Canberra, ACT, 2600

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Recognition and Work recordings

Here are the recordings from the Recognition and Work conference held at MQ last year. Some notable speakers include Axel Honneth, Emmanuel Renault, and our very own Jean-Philippe Deranty.

Emergent Australasian Philosophers

I received an email today that contributors, participants and readers of this blog may be interested in.

I have no idea as to the credentials or academic standing of any of the information in this email
** Continue reading ‘Emergent Australasian Philosophers’

News From Macquarie’s SCMP

On Saturday SCMP (Society, Culture, Media, and Philosophy) announced the recipients of the 2007 SCMP teaching awards. The recipients are:

Award for Excellence in Teaching at 100 level: Cynthia Townley
Award for Excellence in Teaching at 200 level: Mianna Lotz
Award for Excellence in Teaching at 300 level: Maree Delofski
Award for Excellence in Student Engagement: Willa McDonald and Peter Doyle
Award for Innovation in Teaching: Kalpana Ram
Award for Excellence in Teaching Support: Clara Wong
Award for Excellence in the Scholarship of Teaching: Nicole Matthews

Congratulations to all.

Also, SCMP are circulating a new draft Assessment Policy Document. I haven’t seen this document but if you have any issues relating to Macquarie’s Assessment Policy then let your Lecturers and/or T.A.s know about it.

Open Courseware

Waz put me onto Open Courseware a few weeks back, though I didn’t know it was this big. I recently saw an add on Fox talking about the latest open learning craze.  Here are some links to some Open Courseware institutes:

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Units for 2008

I’ll start this post with what units I’m undertaking in 2008 and others can post what they are undertaking in the comments section. Let’s see who’s studying together or, if you’ve successfully completed a subject that someone else will be studying, then please offer some comments.

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