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The 68th Philosophers’ Carnival

Welcome to the 68th edition of the Philosophers’ Carnival. To begin with a short apology for the late posting of this carnival edition, we had some minor errors moving the post from ‘private’ to ‘public’. We decided to theme this edition around the term ‘Open’ and its relationship with Philosophy. With the advent of the albeit rather ambiguous phenomena known as Web 2.0 the way we access and distribute information has undergone a fundamental change. Our choices in the way we access and contribute to various discourses, and perhaps more importantly the changing patterns of control these discourses have over those who participate in them, are contributing factors in this Web 2.0 phenomena.

One of the most obvious aspects contributing to Web 2.0 is the idea of Open Source. Open Source engages with both sides of the information spade. It provides previously unseen access to the production and distribution of information and also engages and challenges the power structures that exist between information and those who engage with it. This edition of the Philosophers’ Carnival (which itself is a great example of both Web 2.0 and Open Source) highlights but a subset of the multifarious philosophical issues that surround this change in the discourses associated with information.

Due to the large number of submissions, priority was given to those entries that were philosophical in nature and (ideally) related to the theme ‘Open’. Apologies to those who submitted articles for this edition and didn’t make it. Continue reading ‘The 68th Philosophers’ Carnival’

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