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How many of us current philosophy undergraduates are considering Grad school? I know I am. But what does this entail? How do we find out where the best programs are or what programs are better for the areas of study we are interested in? More importantly, how do we find out what qualifications are required of us for international applications?

I’ve been discussing these issues with my course coordinator lately (who, by the way, has been very helpful) who’s looking into domestic options for me but what of international positions? Over the last year I’ve written to numerous Universities seeking information on their PhD programs asking questions like ‘What Australian qualifications will I need to apply’, ‘What faculty members do you have in the area(s) I’m interested in’, ‘What scholarships and grants are available to international students’, ‘What is your PhD student employment record?’ &c. Some Universities have been very helpful, both Oxford and Princeton for example, and others not so. But why would admin at these Universities go out of their way to answer all my questions? ‘Who are you?’ they may ask.

I’ve no short answer to this dilemma, well no answer at all actually. I know that many other students have similar concerns and Keith DeRose has posted an article on his site <–LINK–> dealing with many of these issues. But where should we go to gather such information?

So, what Grad programs are you looking at, if any, and how do think that you’ll go about applying and gathering information? How did you choose that particular Grad program and how helpful do you find MQ’s philosophy faculty staff in helping you through these issues?

Posted by Simon Ives.

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  1. 1 waz April 4, 2007 at 10:14 am

    Hi all,

    I found a couple of articles that could be of interest, American based but the reasoning behind it is sound (i guess)

    It may also be worth looking at some posts at

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