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Journal: Film Philosophy

Those of you who’ve taken PHI350: Philosophy and Cinema, or any of you interested in the Philosophy of Cinema/Film, will find the following interesting.

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For those of you who don’t read the Leiter reports, or happened to miss Brian’s latest offering, then be sure to check out the Philosophy Research Network’s (PRN) new web site (Still forthcoming but currently operational). I wont rewrite the entire description as you can find it on Brian Leiter’s site but I will provide you with a link so you can check out the PRN for yourself. Briefly, the PRN’s mission is to provide academics a platform where they can share, in an open community, working papers and conference presentations, among other things. After you follow the link expand (+) Humanities Research Network, then HRN Philosophy Network. You’ll see all the resources there.

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Some Pointers for Writing a Philosophy Essay

Writing an essay for your philosophy course can be very different to writing an essay for your other subjects. A philosophy essay will almost always be a defense of a particular claim using reason/rationality; it is not just an exposition of a particular topic. I’ve included some pointers here to help you prepare for, and write, a good philosophy essay. Continue reading ‘Some Pointers for Writing a Philosophy Essay’

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