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News From Macquarie’s SCMP

On Saturday SCMP (Society, Culture, Media, and Philosophy) announced the recipients of the 2007 SCMP teaching awards. The recipients are:

Award for Excellence in Teaching at 100 level: Cynthia Townley
Award for Excellence in Teaching at 200 level: Mianna Lotz
Award for Excellence in Teaching at 300 level: Maree Delofski
Award for Excellence in Student Engagement: Willa McDonald and Peter Doyle
Award for Innovation in Teaching: Kalpana Ram
Award for Excellence in Teaching Support: Clara Wong
Award for Excellence in the Scholarship of Teaching: Nicole Matthews

Congratulations to all.

Also, SCMP are circulating a new draft Assessment Policy Document. I haven’t seen this document but if you have any issues relating to Macquarie’s Assessment Policy then let your Lecturers and/or T.A.s know about it.


Grad School

How many of us current philosophy undergraduates are considering Grad school? I know I am. But what does this entail? How do we find out where the best programs are or what programs are better for the areas of study we are interested in? More importantly, how do we find out what qualifications are required of us for international applications? Continue reading ‘Grad School’

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