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Election Wipeout: Comments on Howard’s Downfall

The Federal election in Australia of the weekend saw the political demise of not just the perceptibly unbreakable Liberal party but also of our staunchly pragmatic Prime Minister John Howard in his own electorate. The election has also effectively rendered the Democrats defunct with not a single member being elected to either the House of Representatives or the Senate. The grossly unpopular Pauline Hanson scored more votes than the softly spoken and passionate QLD democrat Andrew Bartlett. Labour had what some commentators have dubbed a ‘Rudd-slide’ (in reference to the new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd) in their victory, and the Greens, traditionally thought of as the party populated by undesirable wafts of dreadlocked stoners and political extremists belonging to the far, far left, is now looking likely to hold the balance of power in the Senate and can safely be referred to as Australia’s third political force.

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