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The Secret and an Extra Variable on Descartes’ Proposition

I was having a debate with a friend recently about the merits (or I should perhas say lack of merit) of that extremely popular book/film/TV show ‘The Secret’.  I’m not sure why people are so willing to just jump in and believe this stuff, particularly after watching the film!

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Macquarie Academics on ABC’s Good Game

This week two Macquarie academics, Dr. Cynthia Townley and Dr. Mitch Parsell from the department of Philosophy, were featured on the ABC program ‘Good Game’.  The story was titled ‘A Moral Choice’ and explored the relationship between Ethics, Morality and the playing of video games.  It’s only a short story, as you’d expect in a half hour program, but some interesting points are conveyed.  I do have to say, however, that Father Bob was a little disapointing.  The video can be found here ->

Ethics at the BBC

I was just having a browse of the BBC’s iView content via Totem and was surprised to see that they classify their Ethics section together with Religion.  The particular heading reads “Religion and Ethics”.  I wonder how many people in secular countries still equate ethics (or morality) with religion.

Those Young Liberals Are At It Again

I got wind of this from an article published, surprisingly, in The Australian.  The Young Liberals have published a new website called Make Education Fair where, among other things, they have written a ‘black list’, which they call an ‘Academic Alert List‘, where they list academics by name, department etc. that they disagree with.  They have even compiled a list of academics that have organised conferences that they don’t like (the ‘Relaxed & Comfortable’ conference, for example). Continue reading ‘Those Young Liberals Are At It Again’


For those interested in Martha Nussbaum, and who also possess an interest in American Politics, you’ll likely enjoy the following video. Those in Australia, imagine the community response were reporters to ask questions such as those asked in this video to Clinton and Obama to Aussie politicians. Kevin, you’re an Anglican (I’m not sure what denomination he actually is), how do you respond when your children ask whether the world was really created in six days? Pauline, does the doctrine of Babel adequately define why you want to keep non-English speaking immigrants from this country? Brendan, please explain your numinous encounters with God.

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