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Are Political Persuasions Genetically Determined?

An interesting question and one I wouldn’t have looked at without some prodding. I was reading an interesting article today in the journal Nature: Neuroscience which argues that one’s decision making abilities are dependent upon political persuasion. Continue reading ‘Are Political Persuasions Genetically Determined?’

Search Plugins

If anyone’s interested I’ve updated my Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Search plugin. It will now work in any and all ‘Open Search’ enabled browsers such as Firefox 2.0+ and Internet Explorer 7.0+. I’ve created a plugin for each of their mirrors so you can search from four different continents…maybe if you’re on holidays?

Continue reading ‘Search Plugins’

Scholarship a la Google?

TAs can be very busy people, most are currently working on their MA or PhD theses and don’t always have the time to answer all of their students’ questions, particularly questions that might call for the TA to do a bit of research. Recently I asked for some references, papers or books etc., that argue against a particular position and I haven’t heard back yet; this is where google may come in handy. (This is not, however, a criticism of any TAs that I have or know.) Continue reading ‘Scholarship a la Google?’

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