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Twisty’s Introduction

G’day everyone.

I’m David (“twisty” to my friends) of Gundaroo (near Canberra). I’m 45 years old, married with children and grandchildren. I’m a casual vocational education and training teacher, beef cattle farmer and (once again) keen student.

I’m enrolled via OUA and have completed ONE whole subject to date (Careers and Work @ MQ). I don’t, at the moment, have any specific plans as to what I might do with any degree that I might achieve. I’m doing it for my own education and satisfaction. Gratefully, I’m not burdened with the need of education for profit.

Philosophy has captured my imagination and I’ll pursue this as my major. My first unit is Philosophy, Morality and Society starting …. hhhmmmmm …. Monday. I’m also interested in virtual learning as a teacher because I teach business admin via WebCT. I’m curious to see if I can find any philosophical foothold teaching “Excel”.
I look forward to discussion outside “blackboard”.




Welcome to MQPhil: Undergraduate Philosophy @ Macquarie. This blog is intended to be a group blog contributed to by undergraduate students studying through Macquarie University Sydney. As the range of philosophy subjects is fairly broad at the undergraduate level do expect to see some diverse topics covered. If you are a philosophy undergraduate at Macquarie and would like to contribute then please put your details in the following form and submit it to me.


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