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Alvin Plantinga on the Ontological Argument

An interesting article appeared on SpringerLink’s page for the International Journal for Philosophy of Religion today, Alvin Plantinga on the Ontological ArgumentHere’s the link.

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Emergent Australasian Philosophers

I received an email today that contributors, participants and readers of this blog may be interested in.

I have no idea as to the credentials or academic standing of any of the information in this email
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Cogito 2007

The 2007 edition of Cogito: Student Journal of Philosophy is now available for download -> HERE <- (PDF File)

Congratulations are in order for Anson Fehross, one of our ‘contributors’, who is featured in this edition with an article titled Towards an Ideal: An Account For Abortion on pp. 27-42.

Journal: Film Philosophy

Those of you who’ve taken PHI350: Philosophy and Cinema, or any of you interested in the Philosophy of Cinema/Film, will find the following interesting.

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For those of you who don’t read the Leiter reports, or happened to miss Brian’s latest offering, then be sure to check out the Philosophy Research Network’s (PRN) new web site (Still forthcoming but currently operational). I wont rewrite the entire description as you can find it on Brian Leiter’s site but I will provide you with a link so you can check out the PRN for yourself. Briefly, the PRN’s mission is to provide academics a platform where they can share, in an open community, working papers and conference presentations, among other things. After you follow the link expand (+) Humanities Research Network, then HRN Philosophy Network. You’ll see all the resources there.

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Australasian Journal of Philosophy – New Issue

Volume 85 Issue 1 of the Australasian Journal of Philosophy was released today. If you’re not aware of this great publication then I strongly suggest you take a look. Continue reading ‘Australasian Journal of Philosophy – New Issue’

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