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I’m taking a course in contemporary applied Sociology over summer to ‘fill the time’ and for some extra credit.  The course is titled Graffiti, Kitsch and Trash: Crime of Style and is proving quite interesting.  One of the central themes of the course is the concept of anarchy.  I have a lot of sympathy for social systems and theory inspired by anarchy and I’m hoping that we could have a little discussion in the comments below about our perspectives of anarchy.  I’ll start off with a short quotation. Continue reading ‘Anarchy’

Islam, Animal Morality, and Personhood

This may perhaps not be the best place to ask such a question but I’m having a lazy week.  I’m in the early stages of compiling information, a literature review of sorts, for a paper I’m working on with the theme of the title of this post.  I’m going through some notes that I took a while ago and I haven’t written down the source details for some of the quotes that I took (I know, I really am that thick).  Anyhow, I’ll list what I have and if anyone familiar with Islamic literature, supplementary texts and other writings can point out their source I’d appreciate it. Continue reading ‘Islam, Animal Morality, and Personhood’


Andrew Cullison, who you may have seen around the Prosblogion, has started up an interesting new web site called Sympoze.  This site is a social bookmarking and promotion space aimed at PhD and other Graduate students.  While most of us are undergraduates/honours students and can’t post our own articles over there we can still browse through the papers that others have uploaded.  A great place to see some contemporary philosophy!

Alvin Plantinga on the Ontological Argument

An interesting article appeared on SpringerLink’s page for the International Journal for Philosophy of Religion today, Alvin Plantinga on the Ontological ArgumentHere’s the link.

Continue reading ‘Alvin Plantinga on the Ontological Argument’

Emergent Australasian Philosophers

I received an email today that contributors, participants and readers of this blog may be interested in.

I have no idea as to the credentials or academic standing of any of the information in this email
** Continue reading ‘Emergent Australasian Philosophers’

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