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I’m taking a course in contemporary applied Sociology over summer to ‘fill the time’ and for some extra credit.  The course is titled Graffiti, Kitsch and Trash: Crime of Style and is proving quite interesting.  One of the central themes of the course is the concept of anarchy.  I have a lot of sympathy for social systems and theory inspired by anarchy and I’m hoping that we could have a little discussion in the comments below about our perspectives of anarchy.  I’ll start off with a short quotation. Continue reading ‘Anarchy’


Biopolitics in High School

It would’ve been nice to hear that our nations High School students were delving in some pretty hot political and philosophical topics, however, a report out of the ABC instructs us otherwise. Students of a N.S.W High School were seemingly being coerced to provide electronic fingerprint scans for the purpose of role marking. The principle of a Western Sydney High School is reported as saying that the scans can only be used for the purpose of role marking, suggesting that it is a much more efficient way to mark student attendance roles that the somewhat archaic (my emphasis) paper archival system. Whilst I’m an advocate and in favour of decreasing the usage and wastage of paper, surely there must be an easier and less invasive method of role marking. Some businesses, for example, use a simple computer sign-on systems that marks the time of arrival and departure. Whilst public schools are impart responsible for the attendance of students, Orwellian style surveillance is highly unnecessary and somewhat askancive. My question is, what are they going to do with with e-fingerprints once students leave school? I’m sure our police and defense forces may be interested in some of that information. After all, we are living in a post-panoptical society.

(Note: don’t forget to listen to the audio available on that link.)


On the back of Simon’s last reply, I would like to open the discussion on political theory. As Simon has noted, he is an advocate of and for Social Democracy; personally, I find the concept fundamentally lacking, but then again what political theory isn’t? Political theory is something that has been torturing me for some time. What form of politics, if any, should I advocate? I have a (very) basic ethico-political position: All forms of life have a right to exist. Simple in theory I know, however, one needs to start somewhere. Based on this outlook I have come to advocate and theorize about forms of Libertarian Socialism, Social and Green Anarchy.

What are some basic considerations that must be included when outlining one’s political stance? Personally, I feel these issues are of basic consideration:

  • ethics (emancipation, social minimalism, etc)
  • right to self governance
  • merit

What basic considerations do you think need to be assessed when thinking about politics?

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