God or Blind Nature?

As many of you well know one of my main philosophical interests is The Philosophy of Religion.  While crawling the net recently I stumbled across a fascinating ‘debate’ titled God or Blind Nature?  Philosophers Debate the Evidence (2007-2008).

This is basically a transcript (book) of exchanges between some well known academics with interests in The Philosophy of Religion, The Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, and Ethics.  An excerpt from the introduction reads:

The goal of this book is to bring together a group of distinguished philosophers with diverse religious and metaphysical beliefs to participate in a series of four nonpartisan debates. Unlike most debates about God’s existence, however, each of these debates will focus on different specific areas of evidence for and against naturalism and theism. Of course, this project makes sense only if it is possible to test metaphysical claims like naturalism and theism by evidence. Obviously I believe this is possible, but I encourage those who are still skeptical after reading this introduction to read the rest of this book before making up their minds. (The best way to prove something can be done is to do it.)

Among the philosophers represented include the likes of Alvin Plantinga, Paul Draper, Andrew Melnyk, Stewart Goetz, Charles Taliaferro, Quentin Smith, Robin Collins, Jeffrey Jordan, and John Schellenberg.  Some of the topics discussed include ‘A Case for Physicalism about the Human Mind’, ‘An Argument from Consciousness and Free Will’, ‘Natural Selection and the Problem of Evil’, ‘Naturalism vs. Evolution: a Religion/Science Conflict?’, and ‘A Cosmological Argument for a Self-Caused Universe’.

If you’re interested you’ll find the full text -> HERE <-


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