For those interested in Martha Nussbaum, and who also possess an interest in American Politics, you’ll likely enjoy the following video. Those in Australia, imagine the community response were reporters to ask questions such as those asked in this video to Clinton and Obama to Aussie politicians. Kevin, you’re an Anglican (I’m not sure what denomination he actually is), how do you respond when your children ask whether the world was really created in six days? Pauline, does the doctrine of Babel adequately define why you want to keep non-English speaking immigrants from this country? Brendan, please explain your numinous encounters with God.

link or link (WordPress doesn’t allow the posting of remote videos other than via a select few media outlets)


1 Response to “Nussbaum”

  1. 1 mark April 29, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    yup, Kev07 is an Anglican.

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