Long Time, No Posts?

Hi all. It’s certainly been a while between posts so I thought I’d see if I can stir things up a little.

Firstly, I’d like to welcome our newest contributor David Twisty. I’m sure that David will introduce himself to you all in due course.

Also, any suggestions for some interesting topics worth discussing? I’ve been super busy of late writing copious amounts of code in the redevelopment of my personal website and I’m still getting over the carlag from a massive drive out to Mt. Isa and back. Photos will be posted on my website after the redevelopment.

So, what’s new in the area of Australian philosophy?

Well, if you’ve already received your PhD (just for the readers out there, no contributors here are that much indebted to various financial institutions for their studies yet!) then head over to the ANU’s job site as there are a couple of postings there -> LINK (This link is actually for Dave Chalmers’s site, it always has juicy info!)

A few philosophy carnivals have been and gone. Also, they are now fortnightly so make sure you keep up-to-date. The current carnival is at the Movement of Existence -> LINK

The Australian Philosophy Blog -> LINK gave us a timely reminder on The Importance of Voting -> LINK

And Brian Leiter -> LINK cheared up this undergraduate by letting me know that Employers Want Philosophy Graduates -> LINK

Useful information seen as The Philosopher’s Zone -> LINK recently presented a story arguing The Dangers of Teaching Philosophy -> LINK

And finally a philosophy of religion article that will satisfy all of you who seem to dislike the field, Moral Responsibility and Plantinga’s Free Will Defense -> LINK

Now I know that’s not strictly Australian but hey, I’m tired after driving for 26 hours.

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1 Response to “Long Time, No Posts?”

  1. 1 twisty November 23, 2007 at 6:02 pm

    G’day Simon,

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I’ll post a quick intro as a separate post. However, I’d like to reply here to:

    “And Brian Leiter -> LINK cheared up this undergraduate by letting me know that Employers Want Philosophy Graduates -> LINK”

    I’ve just completed SSK15 “Careers and Work” at MQ and was surprised how many employers are looking for graduates with “liberal” or “general” degrees rather than the vocationally focused awards. Many are looking for the analytic and problem solving skills displayed and practiced by philosophers.

    Not that I’ve chosen philosophy for employment purposes, but things look promising!


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