ANU Undergraduate Workshop

Congratulations are in order for those ten undergraduates who were accepted for David Chalmers’ exclusive undergraduate philosophy workshop at the ANU. For those of you who don’t already know the details, this workshop was open to all undergraduates in the Australasia area who are majoring in philosophy.

There were ten workshop places available and, from what I can gather, the competition was pretty fierce. The workshop was intended to complement the conference on ‘experimental philosophy meets conceptual analysis‘ to be held the same week at the ANU. Two contributers to this blog, both Anson (Ethics) and I (Ethics & Philosophy of Religion), applied however neither of us were successful. I’m yet to determine if any other Macquarie applicants were successful, as I find out more details I’ll post them here. If you are one of the fortunate receipients of a workshop place then please put a comment below and let us know what University you’re studying at, your field (i.e. Ethics) and perhaps some of the details of your application.

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