As this site’s been up for a month now I thought I’d share some stats so we all know how were doing. I’ve been away for a couple of weeks so reading Nath’s latest post was interesting.

We have five contributors, two of which have contributed this month.

Page hits to date are 309.

The top referrers to this site are Macquarie’s student philosophy page and my personal site. We’ve also had a few search engine hits.

The most popular post is ’10 reasons not to do philosophy’ followed by ‘Grad School’.

And the most unique hits we’ve had in a single day was 44.

I also received an encouraging email from a professor in the States but as I received it while in India I couldn’t read it properly and I’ve since lost it somehow. Good to know that we are getting some good readership though.

Unrelatedly but importantly I’ve added a new login button at the bottom of the sidebar so it is quicker for users to login from public PCs. Thanks Go Grue! for the idea.

<—————————- EDIT ——————————->

I found the email from the above mentioned professor. It was from Assistant Professor Ricco Vitz who helps run the Florida Student Philosophy Blog listed in our sidebar.


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